Sleater-Kinney unveil new drummer

Janet Weiss' replacement joined the band at Hopscotch Festival in North Carolina this week

Sleater-Kinney have unveiled their new drummer.

Janet Weiss, long-time member of the trio, left the band after 24 years at the start of July, just a month before the band released new album ‘The Center Won’t Hold’.

This week, the band played their first show since Weiss’ departure at the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, and unveiled Angie Boylan as their new drummer, and assumed replacement for Weiss.


Boylan has previously played drums with the likes of Freezing Cold, Aye Nako and Little Lungs.

Watch footage of Sleater-Kinney debuting their new line-up at Hopscotch below.

There has been no confirmation as to whether Boylan is the long-term replacement for Weiss or not. Sleater-Kinney tour for the rest of the year, and bring ‘The Center Won’t Hold’ to the UK in early 2020.


The band announced that Weiss was leaving the band after 24 years earlier this summer, “after intense deliberation and with heavy sadness”.

The band have discussed the departure of the drummer, saying: “We want Janet to be happy and healthy,” said Corin Tucker. “If someone’s not happy doing that job, it wouldn’t be good for any of us.”

Weiss, meanwhile, recently cancelled all her upcoming tour dates with other band Quasi following a “scary” car accident.

‘The Center Won’t Hold’ is out now via Mom + Pop. In a four-star review of the album, NME‘s El Hunt said: “Craving connections in a world that can seem desperately lonely, the band’s ninth record veers into chaos, reflecting the time in which it was made.”

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