Sleigh Bells announce new album ‘Jessica Rabbit’

It’s duo’s first album in three years

Sleigh Bells have announced a new album, ‘Jessica Rabbit’.

The duo’s follow-up to ‘Bitter Rivals’, released in 2013, will arrive on November 11.

Sleigh Bells have shared a number of new songs over the past year, including ‘Hyper Dark’ in July and ‘Rule Number One’ in June. Last December, they shared a track titled ‘Champions of Unrestricted Beauty’ and tweeted that they were “finishing up our record”.


The band are currently suing Demi Lovato for allegedly sampling their 2010 track ‘Infinity Guitars’ without their permission.

They claim that Lovato’s 2015 track ‘Stars’, which was released on her ‘Confident’ album as a bonus track, features elements of bass drum and hand-clap rhythms taken wholesale from Sleigh Bells’ own track.

Jessica Rabbit:

01 It’s Just Us Now
02 Torn Clean
03 Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold
04 I Can’t Stand You Anymore
05 Crucible
06 Loyal For
07 I Can Only Stare
08 Throw Me Down the Stairs
09 Unlimited Dark Paths
10 I Know Not to Count on You
11 Rule Number One
12 Baptism by Fire
13 Hyper Dark
14 As If