Sleigh Bells: ‘Our new album is influenced by pop music’

Duo promising 'bridges, counter-melodies, pre-choruses' on new LP

Sleigh Bells have revealed that their forthcoming new album ‘Reign Of Terror’ is inspired by traditional pop music.

The noisy duo had previously promised that the LP, which is released on February 14, would sound less like “party music” than its predecessor ‘Treats’ and would be an “emotionally really heavy record”.

But in an interview with Spin, singer Alexis Krauss admitted that the new material was catchier than some fans might expect.

She said:

My interest in writing is dominantly informed by pop. I love bridges, counter-melodies, pre-choruses – that was definitely something I was interested in bringing to the record.

In February of this year, Sleigh Bells teamed up in the studio with Beyonce and producer Diplo, but said they were unsure whether the collaboration would ever be released.

Previously, Krauss had said that ‘Reign Of Terror’ would be “immense” and that the band would be staying faithful to their trademark loudness.

The tracklisting for ‘Reign Of Terror’ is as follows:

‘True Shred Guitar’
‘Born To Lose’
‘End Of The Line’
‘Leader Of The Pack’
‘Comeback Kid’
‘Road To Hell’
‘You Lost Me’
‘Never Say Die’