Sleigh Bells to release ’emotionally heavy’ second album in early 2012

Duo say they'll be back in the studio on June 25

Sleigh Bells have said they will start work on their second album in June and it will be ready for release in early 2012.

The duo, who released their debut album ‘Treats’ in May last year, are currently touring with CSS. Speaking to Rolling Stone, guitarist Derek Miller said: “All I can think about is the next record, more often than not I’m working on new stuff.”

He continued: “We start on June 25, we’ve got a bunch of demos already and we’ll look to put it out early 2012. There was material left over from ‘Treats’, we didn’t even get to really finish it, we just had to leave. We’re not going to make that mistake again.”

Miller said he believed the duo’s new material differs from their debut as being less like “party music” and more “emotionally heavy.” He said: “I think the new stuff differs from ‘Treats’, it’s an emotionally really heavy record. Some of the stuff on ‘Treats’ is party music and that’s definitely not the case with this one.”

Singer Alexis Krauss said that the new LP would be “immense” and that the band were going to keep their trademark loudness.

She added: “Some of Derek‘s demos sound immense to me, it sounds really huge. There’s still going to be tonnes of volume.”