Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller says ‘Bitter Rivals’ celebrates coming to terms with his father’s death

'I had been in the darkest, nastiest situation,' guitarist tells NME

Sleigh Bells‘ Derek Miller has revealed that the band’s new album ‘Bitter Rivals’ is a celebration of him coming to terms with his father’s death.

Speaking to NME in a new interview in this week’s issue, available digitally and on newsstands now, the guitarist confides that he has found it difficult to cope following the loss of his father and his mother being diagnosed with cancer, which influenced their second LP ‘Reign Of Terror’. In contrast, he says that ‘Bitter Rivals’ – which is set for release on October 7 – was a record inspired by moving on and overcoming a dark situation.

“It’s celebrating coming out of a situation I didn’t think I would ever be able to come out of,” he said. “I had been in the darkest, nastiest situation. I came to terms with my father’s death finally, that didn’t happen until February. My mom has been in remission now for two years so she’s in a great place, I’m in the best place of my life. I’m not going to boo-hoo about it now, but that shattered me for years.”


His bandmate Alexis Krauss also gives her thoughts on the new album and how it compares to their last LP. “Even though the lyrical content was much more personal and dark on ‘Reign Of Terror’, I actually feel that this record is more emotive,” she said. “The delivery has much more of a raw power and intensity from within.”

Yesterday, Sleigh Bells debuted the track ‘You Don’t Get Me Twice’ from the new LP – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to listen. Speaking about the album previously, Miller said it would be markedly different from ‘Reign Of Terror’, coming from a “different headspace, just more up and positive… not as downer”. He added: “It’s not as dark… I kind of worked through a lot of difficult stuff on the last record.”

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