Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan speaks about his acting debut in ‘The Devil’s Carnival’

Masked mainman tells NME about his role as Satan's enforcer

Slipknot mainman Shawn Crahan has spoken about his debut acting role, which he makes in new rock opera The Devil’s Carnival.

The percussionist plays the part of ‘The Tamer’ in the short film, which tells the story of three individuals that have somehow found their way to a carnival set in Hell that’s run by the Devil. As well as Crahan, the film stars 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes, Sean Patrick Flannery and Paul Sorvino.

The film is currently touring cinemas across North America and its producers are actively seeking funding to turn it into a long-runnng series, with Crahan revealing that the project’s backers want to make 38 episodes.

Speaking to NME about his role in the rock opera, Crahan said that his long-time friend Sean Dermott helped him score the role and that director Darren Bousman, who had previously directed the first four films in the Saw franchise, originally lined him up to play the part of a ‘Hobo Clown’, but then decided he thought Crahan was more suited to the part of ‘The Tamer’.

Asked how he scored the role, Crahan said: “I have a friend whose name is Sean Dermott, who helped Ross Robinson with our first record. He and I have stayed really close and he got me the gig. I got introduced to Darren before Sonisphere last summer and we hit it off straight off. Initially he was interested in me for the part of a ‘Hobo Clown’, but after Darren looked at me as the clown, he actually decided to use me as this character called ‘The Tamer’.”

Crahan added that he was much happier in his new role and stressed that he didn’t feel anybody could play a clown like he does in Slipknot.

He added: “I was much happier being ‘The Tamer’ because there’s only one fucking clown in this world and that’s me in Slipknot. I wouldn’t disrespect myself or my art with any imitations. No there’s other actor who could play The Clown in Slipknot. No one in the fucking world.”

Crahan also spoke about his part in the film, describing his character as ‘the enforcer for Satan in hell’ and actually revealed that he doesn’t have any lines in the first episode.

He said of this: “I’m the enforcer for Satan in hell. I initially got the script and I noticed I don’t have any lines, so I asked Darren about it and he said ‘You’re more of a menacing character’. I wasn’t sure that meant I couldn’t act, but I believe I can. In the flick, I’m kind of in the background. I enforce when I’m summoned by Satan, if you don’t see, it means I’m enforcing somewhere else, maybe even in hell.”

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