Slipknot’s Corey Taylor: ‘Our fans are poor – but they’re dedicated to music’

Singer reckons masked metallers are 'father figures' to their followers.

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor has said that a typical fan of his band is poor – just as he was in his youth.

Speaking to the Metro, the singer said that many of their followers have “not a lot of money” but are dedicated to music. The Stone Sour man added that many of the band’s original fans have now “grown up” and even bring their families down to gigs.

He commented:

Our original fans have grown up and done pretty well. We were father figures to a lot of them and helped guide them, which is a huge thing to say.

Taylor continued: “When you grow up poor, you look for your outlet. You either set fire to portable toilets – which I’ve done; it’s fascinating to watch a Portaloo melt into plastic and form a big puddle, like a huge toadstool – or you find an escape. Slipknot fans have that escape in our music.”

Last month, his Slipknot bandmate Shawn Crahan confirmed that the group will will record another studio album, promising it will be “crazier and sadder” than their previous records.