DJ Sid Wilson: ‘Slipknot is a constant battle’

Wilson opens up about the uncertain future of the masked metallers

Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson has said how life in his band “is a constant battle”.

In an interview with radio station Banana 101.5 Wilson spoke about recent quotes from the band’s singer Corey Taylor and drummer Joey Jordison that suggested Slipknot may be in jeopardy.

Debate has arisen over the future of the band since the death of their bassist Paul Gray last year. While Taylor had stated of their 2011 live plans, “If this tour doesn’t work Slipknot might be over”, Jordison has had a more positive outlook on the band’s forthcoming dates, saying, “These are going to be some of the most amazing shows we’ve ever done.”


“It’s a complicated thing,” Wilson stated. “I wish I could candy-coat it and say that everything’s cool and everything is gonna be great, but it’s a constant battle out there. We’ve been doing this thing for a while now so there’s a been a lot of changes in a lot of people. I guess it’s just gonna depend on how we get along together when we’re out on the road.”

He added: “I think the most important thing to remember is that Slipknot will always exist – whether with or without the guys in the band – and I think that’s been proven since the passing of Paul and how much support we’ve gotten from the fans and how much greater he’s become in spirit form. And we will always all be Slipknot. I love all the guys like family; they’re my brothers. So [I have] nothing but love for everybody and nothing but great hopes for the future.”

Slipknot are due to play the UK’s Sonisphere Festival in July.