Slipknot drummer pays tribute to Paul Gray on anniversary of his death

Joey Jordison posts heartfelt message to best friend Gray

Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has paid tribute to the band’s late bassist Paul Gray on the anniversary of his death.

In a post on his Facebook page yesterday (May 23), Jordison wrote: “Hey Paul, it was so great hanging out with you yesterday and today. Talking and reminiscing about old times and seeing you respond with some of the strongest gusts of wind I’ve ever felt.”

He added: “Paul, you always told it like it was. There was no one like you. That’s why you were my best friend. All the music that we’ve done together, all the times that we’ve shared, will live on forever. I miss you each and every day.”


The drummer went on to send a message to Slipknot fans, known as the ‘Maggots’. “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you eternally for your support on this difficult day,” he wrote. “You’re keeping us and Paul‘s memory alive. There were supposed to be five days of tornadoes and rain here in Iowa, but the sun came out stronger than it has all year.

“It’s good to know Paul‘s keeping an eye on things. This is a horrible thing that happened, but each of you has made this just a little bit easier to deal with. Your support means everything to us. Thank you, Nathan Jonas Jordison.”

Paul Gray died from a morphine overdose in Des Moines, Iowa in 2010.