Corey Taylor: ‘It’s too soon to talk about a new Slipknot album’

Frontman says he is "not ready" to make a new LP with the band yet

Corey Taylor has said he believes it is “too soon” for Slipknot to begin planning for a new studio album.

The singer, who has previously said he “cannot see a new Slipknot album happening”, has now softened his stance and has said he believes they will record again “one day”, but not for quite some time.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Taylor said he feels that not enough time has passed after the death of bassist Paul Gray for the Iowa metallers to begin thinking about a follow-up to their fourth album ‘All Hope Is Gone’, despite his confirmation that the band are planning a US tour.

He said:

It’s still too soon, at least that’s how I feel. I’m not ready to make a Slipknot album, I think there will be a day when we do, but, for me, doing it now wouldn’t make sense. You can’t do a three-week tour then jump into the studio, especially after something like this. It makes more sense to do a few tours and reconnect as a band first.

He continued:

If we jumped right in, it wouldn’t be about the absence, it would be about the rest of us and it’s too soon for that. We were the nine, but there’s a piece missing. So we should allow people to pay their respects before we come out with new music. We should do this right.

Taylor confirmed on Twitter last week that Slipknot will tour the US later this year. They are also booked to play Brazilian festival Rock In Rio.