Corey Taylor set to form band with Duff McKagan

Slipknot frontman says he will definitely do something with the former Guns N' Roses bassist

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor has said he will definitely release some collaborative material with former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan.

The singer, who recorded 10 tracks with Velvet Revolver, but was ultimately rejected by the band for the role of their new frontman, told Fuse TV that he would definitely work with McKagan again, despite it not working out with Velvet Revolver.

He said:

Me and Duff will probably do some stuff later. Me and him, we really hit it off, and we’re really close, and we started writing songs together, and we’ve got some really good stuff. So, you never know. There might be a mystery supergroup out there – me and Duff and some other weird people – making some weird music that people are, like: ‘What? That’s them?’ So, yeah, maybe. We’ll see what happens.

Taylor, who is currently promoting his first book Seven Deadly Sins, has said he “is still on the fence” about the prospect of recording a new Slipknot album and plans to spend a large of amount of 2011 enjoying time off.