Murderdolls’ Joey Jordison blames tinnitus for stage storm-off – video

Drummer says ear pain got so extreme he had to stop

MurderdollsJoey Jordison has explained why he stormed off stage during a gig in Bordeaux on Thursday (January 27).

The Slipknot drummer, who was playing guitar with his side-project at the show, threw down his instrument during the song ‘Twist My Sister’ and stormed off.

Watch fan footage of the incident by scroling down and clicking below.

Now Jordison has explained that he left the stage because his tinnitus got too painful to bear.

“I want to clear up what exactly happened,” he wrote. “I have a condition with my ears called tinnitus, which in my case is very severe, and has been causing me excruciating pain for two years now.”

He added: “That night in Bordeaux my tinnitus was at an extreme. I wanted to come out and play the best show that I could. However due to technical difficulties and high-end feedback that persisted in the monitors the pain within my ears became unbearable.”

He also said he wanted “to apologise to the fans in attendance in Bordeaux, I meant no disrespect whatsoever and I hope that my fans understand this”.

Tinnitus is a condition defined by sufferers hearing a permanent ringing or buzzing in their ears, often caused by exposure to loud noise. It can be accompanied by pain in the ears and a feeling of high pressure in the head.