Corey Taylor: ‘I wrote Slipknot’s first album lyrics in a porn shop’

Frontman opens up about unusual location for songwriting

Corey Taylor has revealed that the lyrics for the first Slipknot album were written in the bathroom of a porn shop.

Speaking to The Guardian, Taylor said he used his time working in a grot mag shop as inspiration for the hardcore metallers’ early material.

“The lyrics for the first Slipknot album were written in the bathroom, while I was working 9am ’til 8pm at a porn shop,” he said. “I would always have my notebook and pen, and for some reason every time I’d go to the bathroom I’d start writing something great.”

He also spoke of being inspired by authors Hunter S Thompson and Allen Ginsberg, as well as Nirvana, Tom Petty and Pink Floyd.

Taylor has also said he now finds it hard to play the track ‘Snuff’, from the band’s last album ‘All Hope Is Gone’, as it reminds him of late bassist Paul Gray. “I do it in my acoustic set,” he said. “That song really makes me miss him a lot. It was written way before he passed, but there’s a sadness in it that breaks my heart. I still play it, though.”

Slipknot are set to headline the UK Sonisphere festival this summer.