Music DVDs set to get age ratings in proposed law change

Labour MP Andrew Dismore seeking to amend Video Recordings Act 1984

Labour MP Andrew Dismore is seeking to amend the Video Recordings Act 1984 to ensure that music DVDs would require a new legal age classification.

Currently music DVDs (plus sports and religion DVDs) are marked ‘E’ – except from age classification – even if they feature scenes that would normally mean they carry 15 or 18 certificates.

Dismore is set to propose the change this week (beginning January 11). He told the Telegraph: “What’s happening is that responsible video companies and distributors will get an age rating for 15 or 18 releases, but some others will not. Many of these would probably be 15.


“The problem is that many of these are marked on shelves as ‘E’ for exempt and parents may see the ones that are marked responsibly and then these ones and they may automatically assume that they are OK for kids – but they’re not.

“We don’t need to catch everything – if it is just an ordinary football game or pop star it won’t apply but if it is a violent martial arts film or extreme music video, it will.”

Music DVDs featuring graphic scenes that have escaped exemption include Slipknot‘s 2009 ’10th Anniversary’, which features self-mutilation plus Motley Crue‘s 2003 ‘Greatest Video Hits’ DVD, which featured topless women.