Frontman Corey Taylor says "it's probably the best thing I've ever heard"...

SLIPKNOT are to release their third studio album in May.

The currently untitled album, has taken six months to record, and will be the first the band have produced without Ross Robinson, instead choosing Rick Rubin for their latest venture.

“Where Ross is with you all the time, Rick just leaves you to your own devices, then comes in, takes a listen to things, and says ‘You’re going the right way,’ or ‘Why don’t you try this?'” said vocalist Corey Taylor to Billboard . “But at the end of the day, they’re both going for the vibe, what people are going to feel. A good producer is a fan of music, and knows what people are going to feel.”

The album sees the band taking on a slightly different sound under Rubin’s guidance. “People are either going to love this or hate it,” explained Corey. “Lo and behold, we had some really good slow stuff, and some good three-part harmonies in us. But at the same time, we’ve still got the metal, the same double bass and percussion, the same crazy noises. Right now, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever heard.”