Slipknot prepare ‘personal’ DVD

The metal act are promising plenty of fun moments

Slipknot have unveiled details of a fly on the wall style DVD.

The masked metal act have been busy working on the follow-up to their 2002 DVD ‘Disasterpieces’, which is expected later this year.

Speaking about the release, guitarist Mick Thomson told “It’s going to be different than our last one. Our last one mostly focused on the concert, and this one is going to have a lot more personal stuff on it. You get to see more stupid shit. There’ll be some music and stuff, but you’re getting to see what our days are like. It should be a lot more fun.”


The DVD is currently untitled and the band are still putting the finishing touches to it.

Thomson added: “There’s one scene we’ve got where a fan, I think in Austria, was drunk and out of line. He kept trying to come up on the bus, kept bothering people and then started to get a little bit loud and threatening. He had to be set down on his ass by someone close to us. Sometimes you’ve got to be put in your place, and he was put in his place.”

The nine-piece are also hoping to start work on the follow up to their 2004 album ‘Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses’ in the coming months.

Thomson went on: “We’re going to start getting back together and working on stuff. The core that writes the songs tend to get together – it’s not as easy to work out stuff when you’ve got nine people standing in the same room. I would say we’ll start working within the next few months. I’ve talked to (Slipknot bassist) Paul (Gray) a few times. Very slowly, no pressure.”