And singer Corey Taylor reveals his writing has been getting "very philosophical"...

SLIPKNOT are set to take on their critics on their new album.

The flamboyant metal outfit recently entered the studio with producer Rick Rubin to record the follow-up to 2001’s ‘Iowa’. And one track in particular marks out people who have accused the band of encouraging violent crime through their uncompromising themes and videos.

Singer Corey Taylor told Rolling Stone: “We kind of became the scapegoat for a while. If anything bad happens, everybody wanted to blame us. You never hear about anyone going on a violent killing spree with Pat Boone in their headset, because that doesn’t make headlines.”

Taylor also acknowledged that the new record could be make or break for the band post-nu-metal.

He admitted: “This album is either going to change the world or drive the world to destroy us. The chances we’re taking right now are in directions we never thought we’d go. There are so many things that are going to surprise people. I learned a long time ago that you can be heavy without screaming your lungs out.

“I’m definitely taking a different approach to not just the delivery of what I do, but the things I’m saying. It’s time to start talking about things other than myself. The stuff I’ve been writing is very philosophical.”

Slipknot are currently working on 18 songs at the Houdini Mansion in Los Angeles.