Extra security and barriers brought in to cope with strain of 1,000 hopeful "maggots"...

SLIPKNOT brought mayhem to the NME signing tent this afternoon as close to a thousand screaming fans strained to meet or just catch a glimpse of their boiler-suited heroes.

Extra security had to be drafted in to keep the crowd at bay and extra barriers were also added as fans surged forward. At one point it looked as though the signing would have to be aborted such was the phenomonal response from the waiting “maggots”.

Fans also scaled nearby tent stantions and anything else close that could help them see the band.

All nine of the band were present, dressed in black boiler suits instead of their normal orange. The Clown was also sporting one of NME’s ‘You Cock’ stickers – freshly minted this weekend in honour of the ongoing ‘You Cock’ fight between Oasis and Starsailor. Hysterical fans were screaming and in tears meeting Slipknot. Many people who could not get to the front of the queue were also stripping and throwing their clothes at Slipknot, hoping to have them signed and thrown back. The band were asked to sign Slipknot memorabilia such as t-shirts, posters and hats, though no-one brought along any animal parts or entrails.

Several hundred disappointed fans were turned away when the band left after an hour.

After the signing, groupmember Joey Jordison told NME.COM: “It’s crazy shit, Jesus Christ. I had to tell them to back up in case they got hurt, I didn’t want them to get hurt. Nothing is normal with this band, so what are you going to do?”

Slipknot play the mainstage later today. Many extra security guards are being brought into the pit to deal with the expected waves of crowd-surfing fans.