Singer Corey Taylor says the band's next LP will be their last...

SLIPKNOT’s next LP will be their last, according to singer COREY TAYLOR.

The nine-piece masked rockers are set to begin to begin working on their third full-length album next month, the follow-up to 2000’s Iowa, with producer Rick Rubin. The band plan to tour the record, but Taylor says the band will cease to exist after this round of activity, according to Rolling Stone.

Taylor has recently been focusing on his other band, Stone Sour. And he confirms that there are tensions within Slipknot. “If you want me to lie to you, I’ll tell you every fucking thing is absolutely hunky dory,” he said. “But if you know anything about me, I hate lies, and I don’t like getting into the habit.”


He added: “I believe we can do one more album and go out on a high note. But as far as hanging out after we have lost our relevance? Never. I got one fucking word for you: Gwar.”

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