The Gig On The Green punters are in for an interesting experience...

SLIPKNOT will be throwing animal entrails at the crowd during their GIG ON THE GREEN slot in August.

The American metallers, whose Clown, aka percussionist Shawn Crahan, is known for keeping dead crows in jars and posing in pictures with dead pigs, have asked for pigs’ hearts and cattle intestines, the Glasgow Evening Times reports.

Animal rights campaigners have supported the move, explaining that the animal remains would remind people where meat comes from.


However, Slipknot refused to eat British meat on last year’s tour because of the foot and mouth epidemic. The Clown explained his fascination with dead animals then, saying: “I like dead cattle. I like anything that is not following the cog. My fascination and my obsession with dead cattle is just a simple movement to show people that if they are not careful they are this.”

The Gig On The Green runs on August 25 and 26. Slipknot play on the 25th.