Devotees camp out overnight in freezing conditions in a desparate bid to be first to see their heroes...

Hundreds of Slipknot fans have besieged GLASGOW’s VIRGIN MEGASTORE this morning (February 14) as their idols prepare to kick off a week of metal mayhem in the UK.

Some fans had camped out overnight in freezing conditions to be at the front of the queue when the Des Moines metallers meet their British fans at noon on the first day of their UK tour, and by the time the doors opened at 8.30am over 250 – many in Slipknot masks, make-up and boiler suits – flocked into the store.

Tony Hughes and Darren O’Connell, both 16 and from Glasgow, arrived at 11pm last night and said they “desperately” want to meet their heroes. “I’m shattered, but it will be worth it,” admitted Tony. “I’ve no idea what I’m going to say to them. I’ve wanted to see them for three years. We got tickets for the gig as soon as they came out.”


Thirteen-year-old Steven Clelland from Hamilton – wearing spikes and sucking on a dummy on a chain – had got up at 5am to join the queue with a group of his friends, and had a poster of the band almost as tall as himself to get signed.

Virgin spokesperson Steven Hunter, spokesperson said: “Last time they did a signing here, when ‘Wait And Bleed’ came out, we had about 1,000 people, some of them queuing from 7.30am. That was before they got big. We’re expecting around 2,000 today, as a lot of the fans will be at school.

“The Slipknot fans are quite quiet, they’re used to queuing so they’re no trouble. It was a bit of a culture shock last time; they were dressed in masks and slashing each other’s backs so they could write letters to Slipknot in blood. But it’s not as bad as Westlife – there were 7,000 kids at that and they just went mental.”

As the black-clad masses continue to throng around the store, security guards have been placed on the entrance to neighbouring shops but the fans have been quiet and well behaved so far.

NME.COM will bring more updates on Slipknot‘s Valentine’s Day massacre in Glasgow throughout the day.