The band have pulled a series of US shows, so that they can finish their second album...

SLIPKNOT have apologised to fans after pulling a series of shows in the US in order to complete their new studio album.

In a posting on the official Slipknot website, the band blame the cancellations on the fact that mixing on their as-yet-untitled new record is incomplete.

The band say: “To all our maggots…


“We know you’re not going to like this, but unfortunately we have had to cancel the five shows we had planned for the beginning of May, the reason being that we have not finished mixing our album, which we want to release on time. We had hoped it would not be like this, and we did everything we could to avoid this, but we have always striven to give our fans the best we can do.

“We will come back and make these shows up… we value our fans and have always tried to deliver for them. But because of that very fact, it is our decision to finish the album and come back when the time is right. Until then, may the (sic)ness continue. The ‘Knot.”