They're supposed to be scared of nothing - NME.COM reckons they'e wusses...

SLIPKNOT, famous for urinating on each other, keeping rotting animal carcasses on the tour bus and vomiting on their fans, have admitted they are scared to eat British meat!

Slipknot‘s Clown, aka percussionist Shawn Crahan, is known for keeping dead crows in jars and posing in pictures with dead pigs.

But he told NME.COM that the thought of eating meat produced in foot and mouth-stricken Britain made him feel ill. He also revealed that his group would be sticking to eating American canned food when they arrived to play the Milton Keynes Bowl Ozzfest on May 26.


“I heard about the crisis”, he said. “We’ll be bringing our own Chef Boy Ardee (American canned spaghetti) with us thank you very much. There’ll be no British meat for us Americans when we come there.”

Explaining his fascination with dead animals, the Clown explained: “I like dead cattle. I like anything that is not following the cog. My fascination and my obsession with dead cattle is just a simple movement to show people that if they are not careful they are this”.

The Clown went on to describe the new, as-yet-untitled Slipknot album as: “dark, metal, mental and it’s going to tell the whole world to suck our dicks.”

He also reignited the group’s long-standing feud with rap metal giants Korn who are promising that their next album will be “the heaviest album ever recorded.”

Laughing off Korn‘s claims, the Clown said: “They need to get heavy because there’s bands like the ‘Knot who set the standard and show people like Korn that it’s very easy to remain true to yourself and play what you love without the world telling you what to do and that’s what we do. What we do is metal and the rest of the world can suck it.”

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