It's gonna be one of the "darkest pieces of art you'll ever hear"...

SLIPKNOT have promised their second studio album will be one of the “darkest pieces of art you’re ever going to hear”.

Speaking in this week’s Melody Maker, published nationwide today (November 15), vocalist Corey Taylor said: “The stuff we’ve been writing reflects so much of the fucking aggression we still have. This album is going to be one of the darkest pieces of art you’re ever going to hear. We’re still in the writing process, but we’ve got some really good shit going on.

“It’s taking what we were doing on the first album and then going past like 12 different planets, taking what we started with and going further than we imagined back then, so it’s going to be fucking sick dude.


“The first album was just scratching the surface – basically it was us saying ‘Guess what, we’re here’. Now we’re going to get really fucking personal, really fucking evil. It’s going to be a whole new sickness – it’s not even funny.”

Elsewhere, Taylor said that the band had started using “frozen cow heads” as part of their stage show, which they “pound the shit out of them with a sledgehammer.”

Slipknot have not yet started recording their new album, so a release is not expected until at least next year.