Bassist The Pig to talk of his love of fluffy bunnies, knitting and morris dancing in our exclusive video interview? Maybe not...

Slipknot appear in an exclusive video interview on this evening, recorded prior to their chaotic gig at Nottingham Rock City last week.

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Slipknot bassist The Pig, otherwise known as Paul, revealed that the past few weeks in the UK had been “crazy” for the band. He added that percussionist Shawn Crahan, who is now famous for taking a decomposing crow in a jar onto the stage, inhaling its fumes before vomiting on the crowd, has now progressed onto pig ears.

He said: “The other night he had pig ears, like actual pig ears! He wore them for a while! He’s got so much dead stuff in jars. It’s all over the place!”

Paul added charmingly that almost anything could happen at a Slipknot show, with both the audience and band likely to be covered in “pretty much anything that can come out of a body”. He continued: “At our shows there is a lot of fluids and blood. Think of pretty much anything that can come out of a body, and it’s ended up on the fans. I don’t like it on me!”

The full video interview is available now