Slipknot to discuss why they wear masks on BBC documentary

'Artsnight' airs at 11pm tonight (February 5) on BBC Two

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan (who wears the clown mask) are set to feature on a BBC ‘Artsnight’ documentary about “stepping out of our psychological skins” and talk about wearing their masks.

Some members of the metal band known for their visual imagery still rarely appear in public without their masks, and the Artsnight show – which airs at 11pm tonight (February 5) on BBC Two – will see Crahan and Taylor discussing the role those masks play.

In a trailer for the show, Taylor says of the masks “when it comes to this, all bets are off. You can really let that animal off the chain as far as you really want to go.”


Crahan, meanwhile, argues that none of us “really see ourselves,” and that the mask allows him to be more authentic.

Watch a preview of the Slipknot-featuring part of the show via YouTube, below:

Taylor surprised fans last week by saying he’d like to work with Eminem. Whilst talking of dream collaborations, he said:

“Everybody from Trent Reznor – I would love to work with Trent – to… I was just thinking about this the other day… I would love to do something with Eminem.”

“I would love to trade some stuff back and forth with him, because I love the way he writes and the way he flows and the attitude; you know, the emotion that’s in it. And I’m very, very attracted to that. And I would love to do something where we kind of go back and forth. Will it ever happen? Probably not. But, you know, it’s still a dream.”


The metal band are touring the UK this month, with dates as follows:

Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena (February 8)
London, Alexandra Palace (February 9)
Birmingham, Genting Arena (February 12)
Leeds, First Direct Arena (February 13)

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