Producer Ross Robinson tells NME.COM how he took Vicodin during the recording...

SLIPKNOT are preparing to release their “fucking absolutely destroying” second album on July 23. It is tentatively titled ‘IOWA’, after the nine-strong metal group’s home state.

The band’s producer Ross Robinson told NME.COM last week how the controversial new drug Vicodin and a fractured spine had helped the band to make an album that was “super, super, super perfect and extreme and kick-ass”.

Robinson said: “‘If you’re 555, then I’m 666’ – that’s a little snippet from one of the songs and it permeates through every single cell in your body and it’s exactly what the hardcore fan is going to want. It’s perfect.


“It is so full-on. Corey sang for a month straight, every single day, and we kept the best, most destroying syllables of his singing.

“I fractured my spine doing motocross during the first couple of weeks of the record. I was producing it on Vicodin and I was showing up to the studio with extreme pain and when I got to the studio, the body would fall away and I was totally up all night for those guys.

“It was a really, really good thing for the record. Nobody was allowed to hold back because I was in that condition.”

In last week’s NME we told how Vicodin was being called the “new LSD: lead singers’ drug”. Robinson insists that he wasn’t getting high on the drug, just using it to ease his pain.

Slipknot play Ozzfest 2001 at Milton Keynes Bowl on May 26.

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