Corey Taylor gets into confrontation with airport security staff over his 'Fuck Me I'm Famous' T-shirt...

SLIPKNOTsinger COREY TAYLOR ran into trouble with security at DETROIT METROPOLITAN AIRPORT for wearing a T-shirt with the legend “Fuck Me I’m Famous”.

The singer said that he was hassled by a female security guard on Wednesday (March 21), who told him to turn his shirt inside out or take it off, because there were children and women in the airport, which the band were passing though on their way to their hometown of Des Moines.

Speaking to Allstar ([url=], he said: “I didn’t even say a fucking word. I just kept walking. And she’s like, ‘Did you hear me? Do you speak English?’ And I looked at her and said, ‘Are you fucking racist? What kind of question is that?'” Despite protests that the kids “are probably laughing their fucking asses off about it,” the argument continued and more security staff arrived.


“All of a sudden, we see all these security people flying all over the place, just losing their fucking minds and we were sitting right there. I don’t know how the fuck they missed us. Finally, they started calling our flight and they looked right at us and I just ripped open my jacket… and ran on the plane. Everyone in the world can kiss my ass, because I’m going to wear my fucking T-shirt whether you like it or not.”

He added that the band’s new album, which is slated for a June release, is “uncaged, uncensored, unbridled” and added: “[It] is basically saying to someone, ‘Here, sit down in this chair, make yourself comfortable, because I’m about to punch you as hard as I can in the fucking face’… We’re gonna destroy you and there’s nothing you can fucking do about it.”

The band play the Ozzfest at Milton Keynes Bowlon May 26.

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