The shock-rockers enlist the services of producer Ross Robinson once more as they prepare to follow up their eponymous debut...

SLIPKNOT are to enter the studio to record their second album with producer ROSS ROBINSON, on songs which are “faster, heavier and against the grain”.

Speaking to [url=]www.sonicnet.com

in the US, percussionist Shawn Crahan, aka, #6, said that the band are “taking it to the next level”.


He continued: “I don’t want to be the band that in five years, you say, ‘Yeah yeah, I get it.’ We’re not like that, man. We’re going to keep you guessing forever until we’re done.”

The band intend to enlist Robinson, who also produced the band’s eponymous debut. Crahan continued: “We don’t need to rush it or be all stupid with it. If it takes three weeks, then it’s three weeks. If it takes three months, then it’s three months.”

Crahan also spoke out about the band’s nomination for ‘Best Metal Performance’ at this year’s Grammy Awards. He said: “It’s an extreme honour to know that the industry and that people are paying attention. I know what I deserve in my own head, but it’s very unexpected. To know that they took the time to even spell out the word Slipknot, that it even rolled off of their tongues, and to think that they actually nominated us makes me feel that everything that we set out to do, we’ve achieved.”

When the Grammy nominations were announced, Slipknot mainman Corey Taylor issued a bizarre statement to the Australian press comparing the band to “a Samurai warrior”.

It read: “In the 5th century BC, there was a Samurai warrior who had an interesting way of celebrating his birthday. Every year, he had what he called his ‘Resurrection Day´, where he would give himself a new name, possibly to become another person. He did this every year, taking a new name and living his life as if that would be the last year he was alive, which in theory was correct.

“The parable here is that you never know what is going to happen as your life goes on. This year, Slipknot is nominated for a Grammy, which I consider a great honour. But you never know what´s gonna happen next year. My heart is thrilled that we´ve even been considered for this. And at the same time, my brain tells me to be happy, but never, EVER be content. For content is the death of dreams. And we’ve got a lot of dreaming left in us.”