The group also reveal plans to release their debut album via the Internet...

Slipknot have joined in the debate on the controversial Napster website, calling Metallica “retarded” over their plans to sue the site.

The band’s drummer Joey Jordison told “Metallica are one of the biggest rock bands in the goddamn world, so what the hell would they need to sue Napster for? It is retarded. They’ve got platinum records coming out their assholes; got all the money in the world; headlined every fucking show for millions of dollars; travel in their own jet; have million dollar homes and are suing Napster.

“Why don’t they practice their fucking job and see if they can still play like they used to, not this new lame crap. That’s what I am more concerned with.”


Jordison also revealed that Slipknot will start recording the follow-up to their eponymous debut album at the end of the year and have plans to release it via the Internet.

He said: “What we are doing with our next album is we are giving one site the exclusive rights to release our album over the Internet so we have control and get paid for it.

“What bands need to realise is that it will always be more fun to go and buy a CD with the booklet and information take it home to listen to rather than download music onto some shitty arse disc. The cheapskate assholes who aren’t that much into music are going to do that, but I’ll buy a CD every time.”

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