Following the collapse from exhaustion of one of their members, nu metal nutters Slipknot have been forced to take a break...

An exhausted Slipknot have been forced to cancel their American tour.

The cancellation comes after a member of the masked metal act collapsed in a Los Angeles airport due to exhaustion. The band’s management would not confirm which member fell ill, but he was advised by doctors not to return to the road.

The band, who recently swept the board with three wins at the UK‘s Kerrang Magazine Awards, have been constantly on the road since Ozzfest 1999, appearing most recently at the UK Carling Weekend festivals in Reading and Leeds. Publicists for Slipknot claim that the band endured 217 shows, 116 stitches and 45 broken ribs during the live campaign surrounding their eponymous debut album.


While the pulled dates are unlikely to be rescheduled, the band will return to live action on October 27 with a performance in Washington DC. Work on their second album is expected to commence soon after.

Meanwhile, a new video has been completed for former Slipknot single ‘Wait And Bleed’. The band themselves do not appear in the video, instead, puppet-like replicas are depicted coming to life and taking over the workshop of their puppetmaster.

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