At least two festivalgoers arrested for sexual assault as mid-Western rock festival descends into chaos...

Reports are emerging from the US of at least two sexual assaults and almost 1000 arrests at a mid-western rock festival, the 93X-Fest, held last weekend.

The annual event, which featured, amongst others Slipknot, Stone Temple Pilots, Staind, Sevendust and Everclear saw some 80,000 fans descend on Float-Rite Park in Somerset, Wisconsin amid a heavy police presence. The event lasted three days.

The first sexual assault happened on Saturday (May 27) at a campsite near the arena. Local Somerset police have reported that a woman in her early twenties was attacked by a man after, according to the woman, she had been “flagging down men and asking them for alcohol”.


In the second attack, two men sexually assaulted a 25 year old woman at a seperate campsite last Sunday (May 28). Croix County Sheriff’s office say the woman was drunk and had been left to sleep by her boyfriend who returned to the concert. Two men have subsequently been arrested in connection with the case. Police say they would not be surprised if further details of sexual attacks emerged.

Most of the arrests, 100 of which are said to happened inside the venue, were for minor offences. Over half the 975 charges were for underage drinking. The majority of the rest were disorderly conduct, possession of controlled substances and drunk driving.

The events echoed those of last year when during the festival, which was held over two days and billed as Edgefest a similar number were arrested.

Float-rite Park began to pick up a reputation as a trouble spot when over 200 people were arrested following the Ozzfest/Vans Warped tour double bill in 1998.