The National Parents Council Of Ireland confirm they objected to the staging of the show...

Controversy surrounds the cancellation of a performance scheduled for tomorrow (August 30) by US shock-rockers Slipknot at DUBLIN‘s POINT venue.

A spokesperson for promoters MCD stated that the cancellation was due to “logistic problems”.

However, the National Parents Council Of Ireland have confirmed to that they did make an objection against the staging of the concert because of the reputedly obscene nature of Slipknot‘s performance, which infamously incorporates onstage urination, vomit and excretion.


John Whyte, PRO for the National Parents Council Of Ireland, said: “I objected to the way in which the concert was being promoted and the suggestion that there would a staged row taking place and also the fact that basically the stage would be used as a public toilet, basically. I contacted the Point and told them that for such a reputable venue, if such obscenities did take place, I felt they were lowering their standards.”

Although tickets for the concert stated that people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 25, Whyte still had concerns.

He added: “This is isn’t some sort of right wing protest against live rock music. One fan told me that up to 25 under-18 year olds could attend the show with just one guardian of over 25, so we suggested that parents attend the concert and see for themselves.”

When asked whether he felt the cancellation of the event related to his protests, Whyte was unsure. He said: “It may have been partly to do with lack of interest in ticket sales. But also The Evening Herald (national Irish newspaper) ran a story on their front cover recently with photographs of the band performing live. Although you couldn’t actually see a whole lot in the photograph, there was certainly a suggestion that acts of violence or obscenity were taking place.

“We received numerous obscene messages on our answering machine from fans of the band. And one fan told me that he was nearly 16 and he felt he had the right to attend the concert because all this sort of stuff about the band was available on the Internet anyway.”

Slipknot have yet to reschedule the date. The band were unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.