Watch trailer for Slipknot drummer’s directorial debut movie ‘Officer Downe’

Film is based on popular graphic novel

A trailer for Slipknot drummer Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s forthcoming movie adaptation of the Officer Downe graphic novel has been posted online.

The original comic book was created by artist Chris Burnham and Joe Casey, who has written the script for the forthcoming film.

Officer Downe tells the story of a Los Angeles police man who is brought back from the dead by his department via the use of their telekinetic powers, thus rendering him immortal. Sons Of Anarchy star Kim Coates will star as the title character.


In the trailer, which you can watch below, Downe is seen fighting armed nuns before he’s murdered. He turns into a robotic immortal, immune to every punch and bullet thrown at him by criminals and villains. 

As well as writing the script, Casey will also produce alongside Skip Williamson and Mark Neveldine, who have worked on films such as Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in the past.

Slipknot’s manager, Cory Brennan, will act as executive producer on the film which will mark Crahan’s directorial debut.

Officer Downe will be released in US cinemas on November 18.

Meanwhile Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently explained why he knocked a fan’s mobile phone out of his hands during a recent gig.


Footage uploaded to the metal band’s official Facebook page showed Taylor roaming the stage while performing before spotting a distracted fan looking down at his phone. The singer then approached the fan and smacked the phone out of his hands before pointing at him. The fan seemed to take it in jest, smiling and pointing back, but the online reaction was mixed.

Taylor defended his actions saying: “You watch people walk down the street, and they can’t get their beaks out of their stupid phones to cross the street.

“A lot of people get the wrong idea; they think that if I just see someone on their phone, I’m trying to rage quit their fun. I’m not trying to do that at all. But if I see someone, and it’s so obvious they’re not even there, you’ve got to poke them with a stick to get their attention sometimes. Sometimes that means smacking the phone out of their hands.”

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