Slipknot’s Clown changes his name after clown attacks

Percussionist will now be known as Mime ‘until the coast is clear’

Slipknot percussionist Clown has changed his stage name in the wake of the clown attacks throughout America and Britain.

Clown, real name Shawn Crahan, has announced he will now be known as Mime “until the coast is clear”.

He made the announcement after a wave of copycat knife attacks by people dressed as clowns, which started in the US and have spread to the UK, where a number of schools have been placed on lockdown in fear of further incidents.

The name change statement was made by Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, who hit out at the attacks. Taylor told BBC2’s topical comedy show No Such Thing As The News: “Even our dear Clown has downgraded himself to Mime, in order to distance himself from these hedonistic doppelgangers until the coast is clear.”

Taylor said he was angered by the clown attackers’ intimidation, adding: “Remember, a real clown doesn’t need a knife to intimidate – just a bat and a good cold stare.”

No Such Thing As The News is a spin-off of QI, written and presented by QI researchers Dan Schrieber, Andrew Hunter-Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and James Harkin. Taylor is a guest on the new series of QI, which starts on BBC2 next Friday (October 21).

Clown’s name change comes as Crahan releases a trailer from a film he has directed. Officer Downe is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham. It stars Sons Of Anarchy actor Kim Coates as Downe, a Los Angeles police officer killed in the line of duty, who is resurrected by the government to tackle crime in the city. It’s released in the US on November 18.

Slipknot are currently on tour in South America, moving to Australia and Japan in November.