Corey Taylor: ‘Slipknot are more like Tool than KISS’

Frontman argues that music fans do not appreciate the artistic side of his band

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has said that he thinks of his band as being more like experimental rockers Tool than KISS.

Speaking a in a recent interview with Las Vegas radio station KOMP 92.3, Taylor was asked about the visual and artistic side of Slipknot. The frontman said that he feels a lot of people do not understand that side of his work and that the group are viewed as being little more than a “shock-rock” act.

“People don’t realise: we look at everything,” Taylor said. “We look at the artwork, we look at the music, we look at the stage – everything. Everything’s interconnected. Because it’s so much more artistic and creative than just your typical shock-rock band. And I hate to use that even in acknowledgement with us, because there’s so much more creativity that goes into this band than people…”

Taylor went on to say that he sees Slipknot as being closer to Tool, known for their experimental take on mental as well as a keen artistic side, than KISS; who disguise their faces in the same way as Slipknot but are arguably more famous for their merchandise than their music.

“I love KISS, I love Tool, but, for me, it’s a representation, and everything is connected, everything is a piece of each other. One can’t exist without the other,” Taylor said. “So it’s about putting all those things together, and that’s what Tool does so beautifully.”


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has revealed that the band are talking about recording an ambitious double album he says will be comparable to similar works by The Beatles, Prince and Pink Floyd.

The US metal band released their latest album ‘.5 The Gray Chapter’ in 2014 and will take an extended break of around two years before releasing anything new. However, their next project looks set to be a high concept effort that could also include a feature film a la Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’.

Slipknot tour the UK in February 2016.

The US metal band will play four dates on the tour, which begins at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena on February 8. The masked act will then move on and play a show at London’s Alexandra Palace and another at the Genting Arena in Birmingham before wrapping up the tour in Leeds on February 13.

Slipknot will play:

Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena (February 8)
London, Alexandra Palace (February 9)
Birmingham, Genting Arena (February 12)
Leeds, First Direct Arena (February 13)