Corey Taylor on anti-success elitism: “You could have been a pretentious assfuck in your basement”

Slipknot man is sick of bands being "elitist to the point of pricky"

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor has rounded on unnamed bands who act ashamed of having succeeded, calling them “elitist to the point of pricky”, and speaking of his pride in his own band’s fanbase.

The outspoken frontman told Las Vegas-based publication the Review Journal that if bands didn’t want success, they shouldn’t bother playing publically in the first place.

“I always get so upset when I talk to some of these dudes in some of these bands — and I won’t mention any names — but they’re just so elitist to the point of pricky,” Taylor said. “They just have this air about them where it’s like nothing matters.”

“They’re almost ashamed of their success. And it’s like then why did you leave your basement? You know? Like why did you start playing shows live? You could’ve been a pretentious assfuck in your basement, and just made your own music, for yourself. It’s all a con”


“These guys who try to come off better and holier than thou, it’s all a fucking con,” Taylor continues, “because if that were true, they would never have played their first live show. They would have never have worked their ass off to get a record deal, or to put that song out for people to hear. It’s just a weak excuse to come off as petty and preachy. You know?”

Taylor has recently been touring his rant book, entitled ‘You’re Making Me Hate You’, combining the talks with acoustic songs from Stone Sour.

Slipknot are currently in the midst of an extensive US tour, with shows in South America and Canada in the coming months.