Corey Taylor says Slipknot’s next album will be their version of ‘Sgt. Peppers…’

Frontman reveals plans for double album with film to accompany it

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has revealed that the band are talking about recording an ambitious double album he says will be comparable to similar works by The Beatles, Prince and Pink Floyd.

The US metal band released their latest album ‘.5 The Gray Chapter’ in 2014 and will take an extended break of around two years before releasing anything new. However, their next project looks set to be a high concept effort that could also include a feature film a la Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’.

“The idea that we had was to kind of come up with the concept and then provide the soundtrack for it,” Taylor told New York radio station Q103. “But then I told them [band mates] the other day… I was, like, ‘Let’s take it even further and let’s make our ‘Purple Rain’, let’s make our ‘The Wall’.’ With a movie — not just the album, but do the movie… like, do everything. And they were pretty into it. It’s gonna be a few years before we even get into that, but just the fact that we’re laying the steps for it now just means that we’re right back to where we were, which is just being five steps ahead of the game.”


Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan also recently said a double album similar to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ is his dream Slipknot release and that he is discussing musical ideas with guitarist Jim Root.

“I’m just, like, ‘Man, we’ve gotta write an art record. We’ve gotta write our ‘Wall’… ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’… whatever you wanna say. And that’s where I’m at,” he told Daniel P. Carter on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show. “We’ve got so many records on our record deal. We’ve done five. I’d love it if we could do a double album, just… interludes… Have a concept, [and] maybe make a movie. I mean, things that have all been done, things that have all been done before, but… you know, our way, our interpretation. That would be a grand slam for the Clown. Don’t get me wrong: we’d still do our thing. We’re still gonna be Slipknot.”

The band’s guitarist Jim Root recently revealed that he’s already written songs for the band’s next album and hopes to head into the studio as soon as possible.