Slipknot to ‘take a couple of years off’ before next album

Frontman Corey Taylor says he'll start work on a new Stone Sour album in 2016

Slipknot will take a break after finishing their current tour commitments, the band have confirmed.

The metal band released their fifth record ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ in 2014, six years after its predecessor ‘All Hope Is Gone’. Now, in a new interview, frontman Corey Taylor has detailed the band’s future plans.

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“We’re gonna finish touring and then we’re gonna take a couple of years off again to, kind of, let everything chill,” told Rocksvierge.

“Everybody is gonna, kind of, do their thing, and then, in a couple of years, we’ll get back together and see what happens again.”

Speaking in an additional interview with The Pulse Of Radio recently, Taylor also revealed that he’ll start work on a new album with side-project Stone Sour in 2016.

He stated: “I’ll probably wrap up touring with Slipknot, you know, around — like somewhere around this summer or whatever, and I’ll take five minutes off and we’ll start working on a new Stone Sour album.”

Taylor’s comments seem to contradict those recently from the band’s guitarist Jim Root that he’s written songs for the band’s next album and hopes to head into the studio as soon as possible.

Root said in May: “We’re at a point in our career where the band is at the top of its game. If we take two years or however long, who knows if we could come back? Someone might decide they want to direct or write or other bands’ projects might take priority.”

He continued: “I plan for the best and expect the worst. I started writing again. Hopefully the new songs will be on a new Slipknot record. If not, I’ll find something else to do with them.”

Corey Taylor recently gave a damning assessment of streaming services like Tidal, Spotify and the newly announced Apple Music.

Speaking to NME earlier in June, the singer was asked if Slipknot were approached by Tidal or Apple Music would he get behind it either service. “Of course not, because they can’t use our music to sell anything,” he replied. “That’s fine with me, you know, I don’t give a shit, let the fucking Taylor Shits and One Erections sell their fucking sodas and edible panties, I don’t give a shit about any of that.

“The second that I’m writing music written specifically to sell somebody a fucking motorcycle boot, that’s it for me, I’m done, I’m fucking out. I thought the big thing was between Tidal and Spotify, I never even realised that there’s now a fucking third player on the fucking rack. It’s so hard to keep up with the way technology’s fucking going anymore. I’m surprised people haven’t just dropped their tools and been like fuck it, I’m out.”