Slipknot announce inaugural ‘Knotfest at Sea’ cruise on “a big-ass ship”

“Barcelona, a big-ass ship, and the sea. You, us, you’re not gonna want to miss it"

Slipknot have announced an expansion of their Knotfest events with a new ‘Knotfest as Sea’ cruise next summer. Watch the teaser for the event below.

The cruise, which takes place from August 10-14, will depart from Barcelona, Spain and will feature two performances from Slipknot on the ship. The full line-up for the cruise is expected to be released soon.

Since its foundations in 2012, Knotfest now takes place in five countries: the US, Japan, Mexico, Columbia and France.


The original Knotfest event will take place at Parque Deportivo Oceania on November 30 – the first time Slipknot have performed in Mexico City. After this, Knotfest Columbia will take place at Hipódromo De Los Andes in Bogotá on December 6. Next year, on March 20-21, Knotfest will take place in Japan.

You can watch a teaser trailer of ‘Knotfest at Sea’ below. In the clip, Clown can be heard saying: “Barcelona, a big-ass ship, and the sea. You, us, you’re not gonna want to miss it.”

Earlier this week, Corey Taylor opened about excess in music, saying you don’t need drink and drugs to create.

Speaking to the Marshall Podcast, Taylor said he prefers to create without drink and drugs after hearing himself back on record when “loaded” in the studio.

Taylor said: I think it’s encouraged by the people who are actually embedded in that…They want people to think that it’s hard to create without chemicals. And that’s addict language, because I used to do that for me from a performing standpoint.

I was convinced that I couldn’t perform if I didn’t have a Jack and Coke — at least one…And then that became two. And then that became half a bottle. That’s addiction. So I think that’s a myth perpetuated by addicts who are looking for people to reinforce their dependency.”


Speaking about hearing himself back on record after being “loaded”, Taylor said: I have only been loaded in the studio twice, and I didn’t like it one bit, ‘cause I couldn’t control anything. And then listening back to shit, I was, like, ‘Oh, this is horrible. Why did I do that?’ So, I’ve really tried to kind of kill that myth for people.”

Last month (October 29), Slipknot teased they were “trying something new” while shooting the official video for their single ‘Nero Forte’.

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