Slipknot fans speculate over identity of new member ‘Tortilla Face’ after autograph surfaces

Who could 'N.G.' be?

Slipknot fans are continuing their attempt to solve the mystery of the band’s mysterious new member, with the latest clue coming in the form of an autograph.

The new bandmate, dubbed ‘Tortilla Face’ by fans, joined the masked metal icons following the less than amicable split with percussionist Chris Fehn. Fans have been obsessing over the identity of the new drummer and vocalist, with the band dedicated to keeping the mystery intact.

“The position you may or may not be talking about is nobody’s fucking business,” said Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan earlier this year, before emphasising that the fans will be the judge of their newest member when touring live, saying: “The proof is in the pudding.”

Slipknot themselves have also been trolling fans, with the elusive musician even writing “Who the fuck is this guy” across his drum skins:

They are having a blast with this from r/Slipknot

Now, fans on Reddit have spotted that his autograph is of the initials ‘N.G.’ Many are speculating as to to whether this is another joke for ‘New Guy’ or is a clue as to his real identity.

Tortilla Man’s first signature has surfaced. Signed “NG” from r/Slipknot

Meanwhile, frontman Corey Taylor recently opened up about whether or not he believed that the band would be able to continue without him.

“I mean, it’s crossed my mind as the years have gone on,” he told Metal Hammer. “It’s gotten harder to do this. You think about when the end is. No one thought we’d be doing it 20 years later.

“If I just couldn’t do it anymore, I’d just stop, but that doesn’t mean that the band would stop. If I can’t do it then someone might be able to take my place.”

He continued: “I’ve thought about it before: If the right person came around and the guys were into it then I’ll just head off. We can’t shortchange anyone.”

After releasing new single ‘Solway Firth‘, Slipknot are set to soon announce details of 2020 UK tour – following the cities that they were planning to visit.