Slipknot share new 360-degree interactive video

Watch ‘The Shape’ being performed at 2016’s Knotfest

Slipknot have shared a new interactive live video for ‘The Shape’, filmed in 360-degree footage.

The video has been released to celebrate Slipknot passing 1 billion views on their YouTube page. Below, you can watch their Knotfest 2016 performance of ‘The Shape’ from the side of stage, behind the band, or from above.


Speaking to Rolling Stone, percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan, who has also directed several of the band’s videos, said: “From the beginning, Slipknot’s goal has always been world domination. That goal is still the same today. The video for ‘The Shape,’ filmed at our festival Knotfest with our ‘maggots,’ and over 1 billion views on our YouTube channel, proves it’s happening. Like it or not.” 

Crahan recently revealed the band were writing new material, but that a new full-length could be some way off. He told WRIF-FM: “Yes, we’re off, and we’re off for a while — for a long while. Okay, [it’s] much needed. We’d been touring for three years. Corey’s doing what he does, which is Stone Sour, which is awesome. And he’s living that life, which is awesome, ’cause he does really well and loves it; it’s his art. So he does that. And we’re writing. We’re beginning to write some music for Slipknot for the new record. He’s aware of it… So while we’re writing, he’s getting songs.”

He added that the band are staying productive: “We’re not just gonna sit around … some of us aren’t just gonna sit around, because we’ve done that for 20 years. We just feel like writing. We’ve had so much fun writing The Gray Chapter, and people that started writing together during this album cycle never wrote together in 15 years, so things are a little bit different and it’s amazing and it’s fun, and we have a good time.”


Speaking to NME last year about Slipknot’s plans for the future, Crahan said: “We’ve been on everyone else’s schedule for 20 years and I’m tired of that s**t. I wanna write music, because I’m in Slipknot, but I don’t want to be told how long I need to write for or what I need to do. Jim [Root, guitar] and I are going to start up in February and embark upon a masterpiece.”


He added: “We’re going to dig deep into the canvas. It’s been a long time since we’ve been in practice room where we’re just jamming and going for dreams and locking everyone out. I just wanna make art, and everything else can suck it.”