Slipknot’s Corey Taylor comforted Daphne & Celeste after infamous Reading bottling: “Hold your head high”

"You stayed in there, so hold your head high."

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor has revealed how he went backstage to comfort Daphne & Celeste after the pop duo were bottled off stage at Reading Festival in 2000.

The ‘Ooh Stick You!’ singers faced one of the most hostile reactions in the festival’s history and were constantly pelted with bottles throughout their three-song set.

Appearing on Ed Gamble & James Acaster’s Off Menu podcast, Taylor revealed that he gave the duo some words of wisdom after Slipknot shared the bill with them.


“You know what’s fucked up about Leeds & Reading at that time is that I was out in the audience when they started getting bottled,” Taylor revealed.

“Oh my god! I was hanging out with some friends of mine and I was like ‘who are these people’ and they were trying to explain it to me.

“Then dude, it was like the fucking seas opened and it came out of nowhere. I was like ‘oh shit’ but to their credit, man, they stood there and took it. They only did two or three songs but they were like ‘fuck it we’re gonna go for it’.”

Describing the aftermath of the infamous set, Taylor said he went backstage to find them “bawling their eyes out.”

He said: “I was like ‘hey, you did something that a lot of people wouldn’t have done. You stayed in there, so hold your head high’. I don’t know if they fucking cared what I said, but they did it.”


Acaster, who was in attendance for the notorious set, then added: “I was fifteen at the time and fully believed they deserved the bottling. Now as an adult…”

The duo previously discussed the incident in 2015, telling The Guardian that they initially feared that no one would turn up to watch them.

“Our biggest fear at the time was that we would get on the stage and no one would come. We thought everyone would protest and go off and see bands they actually liked,” said Celeste Cruz.

Along with the sea of bottles, they also revealed that a wheelchair had been thrown at them.

“It took, like, three people to get it up there…someone lost their mobility because they hated us so much!”

Daphne & Celeste last returned in 2018 with their second album, ‘Daphne & Celeste Save The World’.

Meanwhile, Taylor will release his debut solo album, ‘CMFT’, on October 2 via Roadrunner.