Slipknot’s Corey Taylor says cancel culture “isn’t solving the problem”

"That’s where this 'progressive generation' doesn’t fucking understand because it's more complicated than something they can read on a phone"

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor has discussed cancel culture, saying the movement is “taking out the easy targets”.

Taylor was speaking to NME about his debut solo album, ‘CMFT’, out this Friday (October 2) via Roadrunner.

Discussing his recent single ‘Culture Head’, which tackles issues surrounding social media, Taylor said: “It’s about social media, and the state of politics and what’s happening across the world. The toxicity. The way people speak to each other.


“It’s just so rampant and so ferocious and I don’t, for the first time in my life, see a way out. I don’t see a way of things getting better. And I really wish I could. I try not to let it get me down, but how can you not?”

Asked about ‘cancel culture’, and whether he thinks the movement has gone too far, Taylor added: “It’s not just ‘cancel culture’ – it’s a case of the young generation, the more progressive generation, thinking that they’ve got to figure it all out by taking one extreme to another.

“But what they’re doing is they’re taking out the easy targets. If they really wanted to engage in cancel culture, there’s so many people that are way more deserving than many who are on the end of it. First of which would be the fucking president of my goddamn country. They’re just picking people off on the fringe.”

Taylor went on to say he believes that “there’s a great antithesis to [‘cancel culture’], which is just to go, ‘fuck you’. You don’t get to cancel me. Do you think you and your hordes can cancel me? Fuck off.

“You know, it’s the egotism of a horde that thinks that they can just absolutely cancel someone and destroy their livelihood. It’s a case of the medicine not fitting the illness. I mean, hold these people accountable to what they’ve done. If you don’t want to give them attention, fine.”


He adds that “cancelation isn’t solving the problem. In a way you’re making the problem worse. That’s where this ‘progressive generation’ doesn’t fucking understand because it’s more complicated than something they can read on a phone.”

A host of artists have discussed ‘cancel culture’ in recent interviews, including Slowthai, who said he “can’t understand why anyone would wanna make people feel them ways,” discussing his self-described “shameful” behaviour at the NME Awards 2020.

JoJo has also labelled ‘cancel culture’ “ridiculous,” saying “we’re so quick to write people off,” while Ricky Gervais said ‘cancel culture’ has made people “lose their sense of irony”.

Gervais’ comments came amid a renewed focus on the ‘cancel culture’ discourse following an open letter signed by writers and academics published back in July. In the letter, signatories including J.K. Rowling, Margaret Atwood and Noam Chomsky advocated for free speech.