Slipknot’s Corey Taylor says “it’s really fun” keeping the identity of ‘Tortilla Man’ a secret

"It's driven people so fucking crazy"

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has spoken of their decision to keep the identity of their new member a secret, and how the mystery that surrounds the musician known among fans as ‘Tortilla Man’ has become “really fun” for the band.

The band, who are on their way to their first Number One album in 18 years with the acclaimed comeback record ‘We Are Not Your Kind‘, found a replacement percussion this year following their far from amicable split with former member Chris Fehn.

Affectionately dubbed ‘Tortilla Man’, ‘Tortilla Face’ or ‘Tortilla Guy’, fans have been obsessing over the identity of the new drummer and vocalist, with the band dedicated to keeping the mystery intact. Taylor has now admitted how much “fun” it is for the band to be keeping the secret.

“We didn’t want the emphasis to be on the new guy, we wanted the emphasis to be on the music,” Taylor told The Music in Australia. “That was what it was always about for us. We didn’t want the drama, we didn’t want the bullshit, we wanted the attention to be on the fact that we had new music coming out. And as we pushed it even further, it’s driven people so fucking crazy… Now, we’re, like, ‘We’re never gonna tell now.’ It’s really fun.”

Slipknot Tortilla Man

Slipknot’s new member Tortilla Man

Speculation over the drummer’s identity intensified online after his autograph with the initials ‘N.G.’ surfaced, after he wrote “who the fuck is this guy?” on his drum skin at gigs. However, many believe this to be another joke and that the initial simply stand for “New Guy”.

“I’m actually surprised that nobody has sussed out who it is yet, but nobody has,” said guitarist Jim Root in another interview. “And in this day and age of social media, with phones and cameras everywhere, that’s kinda interesting.”

He continued: “It’s weird because I’ve met this guy before, I know who he is, but he’s really kind of elusive, even around our camp. I’ve had some people tell me, ‘Don’t tell us who he is, we’re having fun trying to figure it out!’

“So I’m gonna keep my mouth shut about all of that and see what happens. Eventually someday someone’s going to figure it out…”

Slipknot are set to soon announce details of 2020 UK and European tour – following the cities that they were planning to visit.