Slipknot’s Corey Taylor on whether or not the band could carry on without him

"It's gotten harder and harder to do this"

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has spoken of how he believes that the metal band could continue without him if he chose to leave.

The masked metal icons are gearing up to release their sixth album ‘We Are Not Your Kind‘ on August 9. The band has soldiered on throughout their 20 years together, despite the death of bassist Paul Gray, the departure of drummer Joey Jordison and the recent acrimonious split with percussionist Chris Fehn.

Now, Taylor has weighed up what the future of the band would look like if he decided to call it day.


“I mean, it’s crossed my mind as the years have gone on,” he told Metal Hammer. “It’s gotten harder to do this. You think about when the end is. No one thought we’d be doing it 20 years later.

“If I just couldn’t do it anymore, I’d just stop, but that doesn’t mean that the band would stop. If I can’t do it then someone might be able to take my place.”

He continued: “I’ve thought about it before: If the right person came around and the guys were into it then I’ll just head off. We can’t shortchange anyone.”

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor

As for what the band from 1999 would think of current day Slipknot, Taylor said: “I think they’d be blown away that we’re still doing it. They would look at us now and be thrilled that we kept it alive. Vital, poignant, insane.”

“Everything we went through, the tragedy and the drama, and we kept the band’s spirit alive. We never watered anything down, we never tried to do anything that didn’t feel right.”


Taylor added: “That’s the whole point of Slipknot: to do whatever you want but to do it at 100mph.”

After releasing new single ‘Solway Firth‘, Slipknot are set to soon announce details of 2020 UK tour – following the cities that they were planning to visit.

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