Slipknot’s Jim Root says late bassist Paul Gray has been appearing in his dreams

Gray was found dead in a hotel in Iowa on May 24, 2010

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root has opened up about late bassist Paul Gray admitting that he “hasn’t fully grieved” his passing.

Gray was found dead in a hotel in Iowa on May 24, 2010. His widow Brenna Gray said her husband spent his final weeks in a “blur” of drug abuse.

“I’ve been having a lot of bizarre dreams about deceased people lately,” Root told i-D. “Paul has been showing up in my dreams a lot.”


“It’s a little bit weird; maybe I haven’t fully grieved Paul being gone, maybe I shoved that somewhere deep down inside. But in the dream, he had come back to life. He had passed on but he was alive and with his wife, his widow, and they were in this blue sports car. He was typical old Paul, but he was a reanimation of himself, like a zombie.”

He added: “So it stirs up a bunch of weird emotions and I’m thinking that maybe it ties into the situation I’m in now. Because I know there’s a person inside there, but I think they have some narcissistic, possibly sociopathic tendencies. Maybe that’s what that dream meant… because it’s Paul but it’s not really Paul, you know?”

Meanwhile, Slipknot won Best Band In The World at the NME Awards 2020 in London last night (February 12).

The metal band beat HAIM, Tame Impala, Brockhampton and BTS to pick up the accolade.