Slipknot’s new album features samples of “different moons around different planets”

DJ Sid Wilson says the 'We Are Not Your Kind' follow-up will be out of this world

Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson says he’s been delving into sounds of “different moons around different planets” for the band’s new album.

Back in February, frontman Corey Taylor confirmed that the band had finished work on their “killer” new album, which will follow 2019’s ‘We Are Not Your Kind’.

In an interview with Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire), Wilson revealed a little more of what to expect, and how some of the album’s sounds have been inspired by the band’s time on the road touring.


“The development of this album happened to lot during touring,” he said. “We have a portable studio set up with us, so a lot of ideas get put down in the studio room backstage.”

Wilson added: “In a way, we’re touring and touring and getting further and further from earth. So I actually dove into a lot of samples from different moons around different planets within our solar system to kind of translate the amount of travel we were doing, and also bringing it back down to earth for everyone to listen to. So my sound selection was a little more off-planet than normal.”

Slipknot - Corey Taylor
Slipknot’s Corey Taylor. CREDIT: Rocklahoma

Earlier this month, Taylor gave an update on the new album and its expected arrival date.

He said: “We don’t have a hard [release] date yet ’cause we’re lazy and we’re still mixing the damn thing.”

“I can tell you it’s completely recorded and we’re about halfway through mixing it,” Taylor elaborated. “So, to me, I would say probably two or three months [from now]. That’s my ballpark. I’m hoping; I’m gonna push to get it out then – maybe summertime sometime.”


Back in February, the band shared the new video for their song ‘The Chapeltown Rag’.

The track was originally released back in November and is expected to be the first single from the band’s upcoming seventh studio album, which will be the follow-up to 2019’s ‘We Are Not Your Kind’.

Featuring edited footage from the band’s recent run of live shows – they debuted the video during a November gig at Knotfest Los Angeles.

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