And Sloan make a surprise appearance...

SLOAN, one of CANADA’s top bands, made a surprise appearance at ALAN McGEE’s RADIO4 club night, when he took his LONDON-based club to TORONTO this week.

The band performed new songs at the secret gig at the city’s Bar Code, with a set of heavy, previously unheard material, which contrasted greatly with their Beatles-saturated past work.

Echoing his customary DJ set from the club’s London roots, the former Creation boss introduced Coldplay-overdosed Toronto scenesters to a somewhat ironic DJ mix of AC/DC, dub reggae, Zodiac Mindwarp and Led Zeppelin.

Earlier, McGee discussed his recent efforts to give Radio4 more international exposure: “Really, it’s just a toe in the water of North America, to see if people come out. It’s really just a test,” he told NME.COM.

“In London the night got famous because Liam [Gallagher], Courtney [Love], and everybody else had been down there. But it’s not a media club now – 20 and 21-year-old kids, who love rock’n’roll, come and go fucking bananas. In Milan, 900 people showed up to see me and Innes from the Primals DJ. To be honest, if Primal Scream played Milan, I don’t know whether they’d get 900 people out.”

McGee’s Radio4 tour continues on to Detroit and Los Angeles this weekend.