Slowthai discusses his new single paying tribute to the NHS: “Clapping, how is that helping anyone?”

"If we really want to help, why don’t we do stuff to raise their wage?"

Slowthai has spoken about his forthcoming second album ‘TYRON’, and his latest single paying tribute to the NHS.

The Northampton rapper released the track and its video last week, saying it was written “as a reminder to always appreciate what you have whilst you have it”.

Now, in a new interview with The GuardianSlowthai expanded on the message behind the single.


“When people were clapping for the NHS, my thing was, why did it take us this long to applaud something that’s been helping people, saving lives for generations, generations, generations? Helping people longer than we’ve been alive?” he said.

“It took a disaster to make people appreciate the NHS. Clapping, how is that helping anyone? If we really want to help, why don’t we do stuff to raise their wage or make it more comfortable for the people that are going to work them 12-hour, 14-hour shifts?”

Elsewhere Slowthai revealed that the album is divided into two halves, the second more introspective and emotional than the first.

“I always wanted to make songs that make people cry,” he said, discussing the album’s closer ‘adhd’. “Not just that you made people feel good, but you’ve really hit the emotion, or made them relive a moment where they feel something.


“And with that song, I never used that tone before and everyone in the room just went into the same headspace I was in. It allowed me to get everything off my chest. And I was dragging myself through the dirt. It made me feel like I’m hitting what I want to say. I’m fully getting it out. I’m expressing it.”

Last week, meanwhile, Slowthai sent out postcards to fans ahead of his second album which saw him paying tribute to Aphex Twin.